Outdoor Group Training

Our OGT sessions fill the void between low intensity, low expectation training groups and the elite.  We provide our own unique HIGH intensity, HIGH performance sessions to those who really want to challenge themselves.  It’s all about working at your own level with constant motivation and support.  But there’s no substitute for hard work.  You only get out, what you put into it.

This is our core product.  This is what we have built our reputation on and embrace.  Why go alone when you can join our community, where camaraderie and mateship is paramount.

Whether participants choose to commit to 1, 2 or unlimited training sessions per week, our high quality workouts provide you with the perfect platform to structure your weekly exercise regime around.  Effective, efficient and fun sessions, with the added benefit of training in an outdoor environment.  No two workouts are identical, so you never know what to expect & that in itself is the catalyst for remaining motivated all year round.


Group Training Pricing


Unlimited Training             $42 per week

2x sessions per week       $32 per week

1x session per week         $22 per week



Training Schedule