Corporate Group Training


The most important benefit of a health and fitness program for employees is the reduction of life threatening illnesses and diseases through a healthy body and mind. The advantages for businesses and companies are endless…

Your staff will feel more appreciated at work, will have more energy throughout the day, which will increase workplace productivity for your company, there will be a noticeable increase in staff input into your company, staff members will want to be at work and you will notice a decrease in stress and sick leave and lastly, there will be a significant improvement to morale and workplace relations between staff members. 




The most direct benefit of Corporate Group Training is increased staff productivity.  Fit employees display more energy and greater focus, greater coping skills to stress and have a more positive outlook towards their work.  Training as a group takes employees out of their usual work environment and puts them into a fun, interactive atmosphere where individuals are challenged to achieve higher levels of personal fitness.  While working together, employees strengthen relationships to build a stronger team, increase their team working skills and develop a relationship between one another that will allow them to get to know one another on a deeper level. 

Staff who exercise regularly, fall sick less often.  Studies show the direct correlation between regular exercise and the result in reduced staff absentees.  Cutting the cost burden for your business and saving your organisation thousands of dollars annually.

Corporate Group Training demonstrates that your organisation has concern for the wellbeing of its employees. This helps to boost employee morale and retention as well as attracting better quality candidates, making your organisation a highly sought after work environment. 



Melanie -

Executive Assistant Energy Markets


Michael is well known and highly regarded at AGL. Staff have different names for him; task master, fitness guru, coach, mentor but everyone feels the same sentiment towards him. He delivers a workout that makes you work. 

His relationship with us began 3+ years ago when 10 corporates were put through their paces at the end of a planning day and they all asked him the question “can we do this every week?” 

AGL Outdoor Group Training was born and what started as 1 session per week with 10 participants has grown to 6 sessions per week with over 100 AGLers. Michael is considered a valuable team member helping our staff to reach their wellbeing goals in a fun and safe environment.


Bridget -

Communications Advisor


We engaged Elite FX Personal Training for group fitness training to help staff prepare for the 2016 Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids. The program catered for all fitness levels, with staff taking part in either the 5km or 16km event.

CityLink Team